Tuesday, October 29, 2013


As an artist I get inspired by many others and there are quite a few that are constantly in my mind and I can not get enough of them.  One of these artists who influences me is the Brazilian artist Roberto Negreiros but we all know him just as Negreiros, that's how he signs his drawings.  He is one of the most respected illustrators and cartoonists in Brazil and I really wished he could somehow contribute to animation projects.  One of my dreams is to one day make an animated film and get him to design characters for it.  Who knows, it can happen, right?

He has got everything I love in design like a mixture of Milt Kahl and Ronald Searle but with his own unique touches.  He's so inventive when creating characters and his compositions are candy for the eyes.  He's also amazing with color too.  Even sometimes working fast for a deadline his drawings are still great and full of energy.  I have no doubt that, if he wanted, he could have been one of the best hand drawn animators ever.