Sunday, February 3, 2013


Since I started in animation I was always curious to know who were the animators who did the scenes that impressed me and stood out in the films I watched.
I remember watching "An American Tail 2 - Fievel Goes West" and could not believe how amazing the animation of the cat villain was.  In "Balto", what stood out for me was the animation of Boris the goose and I wanted to know who did it.  
Well, the name in the credits as supervising animator for those characters was Kristof Serrand but I had no idea who he was or how he looked like or came from.

There was no internet at the time and the only way to get information was through magazines and books and they were scarce and there was nothing I could find regarding those films.

A few years go by and I see "The Prince of Egypt" and I get this book on the making of the movie.  In it I find Kristof listed as supervising and his photo and biography.  Now I had  face to the name of this animator who's work impressed so much.
Now, after all these years, I feel very lucky to be working with him.  Actually he's my boss for he's the head of animation for "Me and My Shadow".
In my opinion, Kristof is one of the best animators of all time.  His animation is flawless and his acting superb.  He's also a great admirer of the work of Milt Kahl.

Below are some of Kristof's beautiful drawings and model sheets.

I urge you to go rent the DVDs of Fievel Goes West and Balto and watch the animation of of the cat villain and Boris, the goose and see what I mean. Also, watch Prince of Egypt and study Rameses animation and in The Road to Eldorado watch the animation of the horse, all supervised by Kristof.
 I have been studying Kristof's animation recently and I just hope to achieve his level one of these days.


  1. His Prince of Egypt work is truly astounding.

  2. AHAH!!I wondered the same thing!! Those scenes in American tail 2 were masterful!I knew of Kristoff's great work in other projects but didnt know that was him behind the cat! I agree... he is one of the greatest animators of our time! A virtually unsung hero! Good work Inspector Cleuzo ;)

  3. O Altivo é demais! Massa saber quem foi que animou... procurar pelo Fievel agora

  4. favorite character in the Whoole Neighborhood :] *hUK'

  5. An amazing animator indeed. Big fan of his work.

  6. yeah, Kristoff animation is awesome.