Monday, April 19, 2010

Milt Kahl Day is Back!

Sorry for the big gap in posting.  I have moved back to LA  for a few months to work on a project at Ken Duncan's studio and had no way to post stuff for a while, but I am back with some good stuff.

Here is my all time favorite scene by Milt.  It's Edgar, the butler from The Aristocats.  In this scene, he overhears Madam talking to her lawyer about leaving her fortune to him and he is so delighted that he does this great little jump up and down and  you can see so clear in these drawings all his excitement. 

Look at the drawings and note the amazing design and the shapes Milt got in them.  The way he draws the knees are particular amazing.
Watch also the scene frame by frame, if you have a chance, and study the perfect animation, timing, spacing and attitude.  It is just flawless.