Saturday, November 14, 2009

Milt Kahl Day 10

I love this character. Not only the design is so great but the animation is also superb. Milt did the first 4 or 5 scenes and then the great John Sibley took over and did the rest. Just beautiful.


  1. Pure Beauty! Just amazing stuff you have here! Thanks for posting all these great milt drawings too man :D!

  2. So good! The expression and line quality is astounding. There's not a single wasted pencil stroke! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I went looking for any books featuring Milt and couldn't find any. If you do a search on Amazon using his name you do of course get some Disney books, but nothing that has Milt as a prominent subject.

    Which leaves Sandro. Thanks bro.

    Your site is one of the main sites I use for motivation.

  4. I love this character too... Are the colors also by Milt Kahl?

    I think Sleeping Beauty has the most beautiful design. It´s my favorite so far.

    Thank you!

  5. What!?!? OH MY GOD! This is great! One of my favorite pieces of acting from this movie. I didn't know Milt Khal animated this guy. Thanks for posting this!!!!!

  6. There's not a single wasted pencil stroke! Thanks for sharing.
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  7. Gosh how many characters did he animate in that one film?! That's a change from today where most 2d feature animators work on one character.