Monday, August 31, 2009


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Lucky Jack

In Home on the Range, I also helped to design Lucky Jack. It was fun to do it and the supervising animator, Shawn Keller did the final model and animated great scenes with him.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Milt Kahl Day 2

For Milt Kahl day this week, I thought I would post  a few original drawings that I own.  I purchased these a few years ago. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Designs 2


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joe Moshier

This is my friend Joe Moshier and me at a Disney party.
Joe is one of the best character designers today and he was responsible for the style of the characters in The Emperor's New Groove, Home on the Range, Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons.  He also has done amazing designs for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Bolt and some projects that were cancelled like My Peoples and Joe Jump.
He is a machine and can turn out tons of drawings every day and they are all great.
I was very fortunate to have worked with him because I learned so much about all aspects of good design.
Joe is now at Dreamworks and they are very lucky to have him.

Proud Family Project

A few years ago I was contacted by The Proud Family creator, animator Bruce Smith, to do a 3 minutes piece for an alternate end of The Proud Family Movie.
I thought it was a good project to start my new studio and I gathered a small team to work on it.  I did the layouts and poses myself and most of the character and FX animation and some rough scene planing and my crew did the cleanup and some animation.  My friend Carlos Luzzi did great scenes on it too. I also had a fantastic 3D guy, named Itamar Ferreira, to do the little van that the family drives.  That guy really saved my life on that project.
Ink and paint and compositing was done at Squeeze Animation in Canada.
It was a great experience to put together the piece but very frustrating at the end when I had to get paid for the job.  It took me more than 5 months to get paid for it. I had most of the guys who worked for me on it calling me asking for their money and getting upset but I did not have it.  You should see the e-mails I got from them.  It is a situation that I do not want even for my worst enemy.  Next time, I will want some money up front.
You can check the piece on the The Proud Family Movie DVD in the bonus section.
Here are some of the rough layouts and poses for the animators that I did.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


These are some panels for a storyboard of a show that never happened. I just had fun doing it and added some color for presentation.
I enjoy doing storyboards too and will post some more later on.

At Don Bluth's studios in Ireland

This is me at the age 21 working on a scene for Thumbelina. I had been in Ireland for about two years. Don Bluth really believed in me since the first day I arrived at his studio asking for a job. I saved money for a year in Brazil and bought a ticket to Ireland to try to get a job with Bluth and a friend of mine, Edison Goncalves, went with me. We got there without them knowing and knocked on the door asking to meet Don and show him our portfolios. We could not speak English at the time and it was very tough to communicate with them but our work spoke for us.

Don was intrigued by these 2 kids who came all the way from Brazil to work with him and, after taking a look at our work, called us in and gave us a job on the spot. He looked at my portfolio and said I would be an animator and my friend an assistant. I was amazed because I was almost sure, if hired, it would be to start as an assistant or cleanup artist.
They put us in a nice Bed and Breakfast for a week and gave us a tour through Dublin in a limousine with a chauffeur and also put us to live in a great house for 6 months. It was amazing!
Like I said before, Don really believed in me and for my very first scene he gave me a closeup of a character crying.

The studio (Above) was beautiful and we had great offices on the fifth floor. I really miss that place.

My 4 years in Ireland were some of the best in my life and I thank Don Bluth and Gary Goldman for giving me a chance and my first job in Feature Animation.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Milt Kahl day

Milt kahl is my favorite animator and character designer of all time. He was responsible for designing at least 80% of the Disney characters since Pinocchio and he created the Disney style we love today. We traditional animators try really hard to get a little bit of the flair that he had but we usually fail as no one can do what he was able to. He should be studied by every serious student of animation and professional.
I will post a Milt Kahl drawing every week and will call it Milt kahl day.
Let's start with Medusa, from The Rescuers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Sprite

As I have said before, to animate the Sprite was a big challenge to me. There was no typical model sheet for her. She had different shapes throughout the segment and we had to invent as we went. One scene in particular that I animated, the Sprite takes the shape of a squirrel as she climbs up a tree real fast.
In a few other scenes she had legs so we could see her running from the Firebird.

I remember the very first scene I did with her. I animated it and showed to the supervising animator, Tony DeRosa. He took a look at it and said we should show the directors. Tony had not done a single scene yet up to that time so he was still discovering things.
We showed the scene to the directors, Paul and Gaetan Brizzi. When Paul saw it he was very disappointed and got up and said "this is NOT the Sprite!" Actually, no one knew how to do her and I was upset with myself and thinking that maybe my carrer at Disney would be a short one.
Me and Tony went back and he gave me a few suggestions and I re- did the scene. I showed the scene again and then both directors loved it and said "that NOW is the Sprite".
After that scene, they loved all the other ones I did and I had no problems and my Disney carreer looked more promissing.
But that very first scene.....