Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Sheriff From Home on the Range

 The Sheriff from Home on the Range was a fun character to do and because the style of the show was based on some of Disney shows of the 50's I decided to pay a homage to those types of designs from that time.

I animated almost all the scenes of the Sheriff except for maybe a few done by a couple animators for continuity purposes.   I loved the voice they chose for him provided by actor Richard Riehle (below) and the way he delivered the lines was so great that made my work easier. 
Before the directors and writers decided that Bucky should be the Sheriff's horse we had designed this big and bulky one (which I do not remember if had a name) as the first choice. 

Below are some of the extremes and key drawings from one of my favorite shots I animated.  I like it because it is always fun to try to make the character appear to think about something.  In this shot, Rico asks him if he would happen to know of a good horse to take.  The Sheriff is trying to think about it and dig deep to answer Rico as Bucky is showing off in the middle of the background.  The Sheriff's line is  "A horse? A horse...Let me think... I reckon you want a fast horse, hum? Real fast? Of course he also have to..."


 A horse...

 A horse...

 Let me think.

 I reckon you ...
 want a...
 Horse, hum?

 Course he also...
 Have to...

Here are some rough first pass drawings.  This is how I start to rough out a shot after I plan in thumbnail form.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Keep Developing

I am always developing some kind of project and idea which are many but have a hard time to actually go all the way and finish one.  Here are some drawings from several ideas I had but were never fully developed. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

From the 90's - The Emperor's New Groove Almost Made it Character

At one time, one of the versions of The Emperor's New Groove had a kind of love interest for Kuzco named Mata.  I was put in charge of her and became the supervising animator for it and started working on the designs based on some drawings  by Joe Moshier.
The voice actor chosen for her was Laura Prepon, from That 70's Show and I did this test based on one of the lines she recorded for the show.  I was lucky to be able to attend the recording session and sketched her while she delivered her lines and for this particular test I took a gesture she made and applied to it.  The moment she looks up and raise her right hand and says "Lama Boy" is just like the gesture she made at the recording.
Unfortunately, the character was cut from the final version and this is how far the character went.  It was going to be fun.
The quality of this video is not good because I transferred it from an old VHS tape but is the only copy I have of her.
From the 90's - Emperor's New Groove Almost Made It Character from Sandro Cleuzo on Vimeo.

Here are some of the rough model sheets I made while developing her design.