Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sullivan Bluth Studios In Ireland 1988

This video was shot in 1988, 2 years before I started to work there. It was done to recruit artists. I always re-watch this because it still makes me feel great and excited about animation even though things are very different today. Also, it brings back great memories of a happy time in my personal and professional life. I spent 4 years working there in Dublin and I wished I could spend a few more years because it is a great place to live. Enjoy the video.


  1. Thanks for sharing that video! It's an interesting insight as to how their animation was made back in the 80s.

    I got to meet Don Bluth and Gary Goldman last year when they visited Austin. They had a ton to talk about with animation.

  2. Thanks for this! Reminded I have a studio Christmas card from '89 that has the dogs from "All Dogs Go To Heaven" in a neat little pull-out section of the card itself.

  3. Love it! Didn't go to Ireland with them, but still brings back good memories :) Thanks!