Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Micro Gallery

I did this piece for a small event here at Dreamworks that they called Micro Gallery.  All artwork had to be done small and they were auctioned.  All the profits went to the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.  The theme was "Childhood and Nostalgia" and I drew my caricature as a kid playing super hero.  I would wrap a piece of cloth around my neck and put socks on my hands as if they were gloves.    I do not know who won the bid for it but I hope it went to a good home.


  1. Cute! The dog's expression is great!

  2. Sandro this is a really nice piece of art. Very warm and charming. Did you use traditional tools to color?
    Also the new header at the top of the blog is great!

  3. Hey Tony,

    Yes, I did, I used markers, pencil and pen, my favorites.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Hey Sandro I bought the piece for my kids. They too wear socks on their hands and capes around their necks. I instantly fell in love with your illustration. It brings me much joy as I change my sons stinky diapers. :)