Thursday, June 20, 2013

Milt Kahl's Pencil Test

101dal anita. from Sandro Cleuzo on Vimeo.

I found this pencil test in a folder in my computer. It's one of my favorite female designed characters ever by Milt Kahl. What great precision and design sense he had. Theses are only the key drawings, enjoy it and study it.

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  1. Sandro, I so agree. This could have been a thankless assignment, she's supposed to be attractive, but not a extraordinary character like a fairy tale princess, basically just "real"; bright, pleasant & sympathetic but not particularly distinguished. Another quiet tour de force from the same guy who often got "stuck" with these types of characters and perfected them anyway. Really nobody could do it better. Not back then certainly, maybe not even now.

    Milt's solutions here are some of the very best. Roger of course has considerably more exaggeration in him, but somehow Milt makes Anita every bit as watchable all the same. Thanks for this post...