Friday, April 5, 2013

The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon (Updated)

This is one of my childhood favorite animated films and I still love it.  It was shown on TV in Brazil back in the 70's and early 80's and I would not miss it for anything.  Looking back at it now I am still very inspired by it. It's design is quite unique and even though it's very graphic, the animators were able to turn them in space beautifully. I also like the quality of the animation and I think the Japanese animators were very much influenced by Disney at the time.  There are some stunning scenes in it. the art direction is also very interesting with some great color and compositions. It's hard to find a good quality copy of this film, maybe in Japan one can get one but if you can, check it out, you won't be disappointed. Below are some model sheets, posters and stills that I found on the internet.

I have a friend who is also a big fan of this movie as well and he sent me these  photos bellow of some sculptures of three characters and they are amazing,  really beautiful and on model.  Thanks Alexandre Augusto Ferreira for these great photos to complement this post.


  1. The look that inspired the designs in "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" as the young'uns would say!

  2. This is a great japan movie, the Masters Mori and Kotabe had create it.
    I suggest for all lovers of this movie this book Yoichi Kotabe by Anido.
    Sandro, thank you very much for this post.

  3. Someone has posted some rather high-quality trailers for the film on YouTube:"

    These trailers give a good look at the beautiful designs and full animation . I'd love to see this film.

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  5. Olá Sandro. Postagem muito boa.
    Estes models são sensacionais!
    Um lindo filme.

  6. This movie is undiscovered, underappreciated and underrated. I'm really glad you're helping this movie reach more people and get more fans : )

  7. Amazing sculptures!

    Love the movie, too.
    The action scenes are awesome.

  8. Olá Sandro, tudo bem? Parabéns pelo seu trabalho: Orgulho Nacional!
    Sobre esse filme que você postou, estou tentando ligar alguns pontos:
    - Yoichi Kotabe trabalhou em sua produção.
    - Yoichi Kotabe é também ilustrador da Nintendo, responsável pelo visual final do Super Mario
    - Você já reparou a semelhança visual entre esse filme e o jogo "Zelda Wind Waker"?
    - Os produtores do jogo disseram ter se inspirado em antigas animações japonesas, no entanto o nome do Kotabe não é citado na produção do jogo...

    O que você acha?

    1. Obrigado! E verdade, poderiam ter dado credito ao mestre Kotabe mas infelizmente nao aconteceu. Na verdade, isso acontece muito no nosso ramo.