Sunday, October 21, 2012

Duck Dancing

When I was working on Home on the Range I had an assignment to animate the duck dancing in a weird ridiculous way. I was working in the Florida studio at the time, miles away from the directors who were in California, so I had not talked with them yet about how they wanted the duck to dance. I right away thought about the funny Elaine dancing in one of the episodes of Seinfeld and to my surprise, I got a called from the directors telling me to make the duck dancing like Elaine. They had the episode recorded and it was sent to me in Florida so I could refer to it. The scene is short and I wished it was a little longer to register better. I animated the best way I could and I guess it turned out OK. In the end they decided to flip the drawings over so the duck would face screen right.

Duck Dancing from Sandro Cleuzo on Vimeo.

Seinfeld - The Elaine Dance from Sandro Cleuzo on Vimeo.


  1. When the film was out at theatres, I remember thinking at the time that the duck was doing Elaine's "Thumb Dance", so the intention was successfully communicated, Sandro!

  2. What a fun assignment! It's a pity you didn't get more screen time for this shot, but still a great job

  3. Is there a reason why the duck was dancing?

    1. That's 'cause he doesn't know how to actually dance, silly!