Friday, August 19, 2011

Milt Kahl Day

  These are from a scene in Robin Hood and as you can see, Robin is drawn very different that the final version.  They had a hard time deciding on the final design for Robin and I suspect this is from the first design that Milt created.  I like the final design but I think this is more fun.

The animation here is amazing as always and lots of stuff happening in terms of animation principles which is great to study.  Bouncing ball, squash and stretch, overlap, follow through, silhouette, etc. You name it and it's there.  Design wise is also brilliant in every drawing. It's a great scene to study.

Esses desenhos sao de uma cena de Robin Hood e como podem ver, Robin foi desenhado bem diferente da versao final.  Eles tiveram muita dificuldade em decidir num design para Robin e eu suspeito de esse seja o primeiro design que Milt criou antes de mudarem.  Eu gosto do design final mas acho esse mais interessante.

A animacao aqui e muito rica em termos de principios de animacao e ha muita coisa aontecendo como "bauncing ball, squash e strech, overlap, follow through, silhouette, etc, esta tudo la.  Grande cena para estudar.


  1. Thank-you so much for sharing these! Such a wonderful, simple test showing all the necessary complexities of animation. Thank-you so much again for sharing!!!

  2. Yet another reason to justify why I call 'Robin Hood' my favorite Disney movie. It's full of study-able moments such as these. Seeing this earlier version makes me appreciate it all the more... wow... pure gold.

  3. Originally, singer/dancer Tommy Steele had been cast as the voice of Robin Hood. I suspect that this design was more in keeping with what likely had started out as a lighter, more comic portrayal of the character. Actually, I've always believed that the cry of "Oo-de-lally" as Robin and Little John run off in their gypsy clothes after robbing Prince John is still Tommy Steele's voice, not Brian Bedford's, but I may be wrong. As much as I like the final film, for it remains a guilty pleasure since I first saw it in 1973, I really wonder if it might have been better had they kept the title character a bit more comedic as these drawings seem to imply. Ah, what might have been!

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  7. Eu adoro esse filme, fez parte da minha infancia, lindo demais =)