Monday, July 18, 2011


The Europeans are still making them, specially the French. God bless them for keeping making hand drawn films.


  1. Lovely! And the cinematography looks amazing.

  2. I got the link with a list of animated films in Europe
    Some of them I can hardly wait to see

  3. Perica and Toshke,

    Thanks so much for that list, I really appreciate it. It's amazing how many projects are going on in Europe and it is great that we still have producers and directors there who still believe in 2D.

  4. You're welcome
    Thanks goes to friend Darko who gave me this link

    all the best

  5. nice.. this funny. you did it so perfect.
    Pls keep sharing..thanks

    Wisconsin Dells

  6. The potential and talent is there to make an Iron Giant or big budget style hit. but nobody wants to take the risk and push the envelope unfortunately.But Nice looking film!

  7. Beautiful! Man, I love 2D animation. :)

  8. Thank you for you great and usefull blog !!
    And also big thanks for the support ! It's a big honour to read this from you (since I worked on this project as an assistant animator).
    The movie is finally released in France since the 8th of February, and until now it's on a really good place of the French box-office.
    Wish more 2D projects were done...

  9. Yes, but we genrally send the keys to Ukrainia, India, China, Romania to make the remaining animation there T_T Same here in video games where I work. Most of the games are made abroad :( I work @Ubis*ft as a 2D artists where the french Disney animation studios used to be. How ironic :( ) There's not a lot of work in France for artists like us.