Friday, July 22, 2011

Milt Kahl Day

I thought you would find interesting seeing these.  These are rough key drawings by Milt from the Wind in the Willows picture and their final cleanup version.  Even though Milt's roughs were dirt and all they contained all the information needed by the cleanup artist to do the final drawing for the ink and paint.

Of course, the cleanup artists could draw really well and sometimes better than some of the animators.   At that time at Disney, they had a unit system, where each animator had their own team of assistants and cleanup artists which made all their work very consistent.

Eu achei que voces pudessem se interessar em ver isso.  Acima estao alguns rascunhos feito por Milt para o filme Wind and the Willows e suas versoes passadas a limpo.  Mesmo os rascunhos estarem bem sujos e desenhados rapidamente elas contem todas as informacoes necessarias para os artistas de cleanup fazerem os desenhos finais para a pintura.

e claro que os artistas de cleanup desenhavam muito bem e as vezes ate melhor que alguns animadores.  Naquela epoca eles tinham um sistema de times em que cada animador tinha seus  assistentes e artistasde cleanup o que fazia com que o resultado final fosse sempre bem consistente.


  1. It surely must have been a tough job cleaning up after Milt Kahl. I perceive the clean up artist in the first, left the drawing fairly rough... the second, really changed the character/brought the character on model... and the third, refined what wasn't present in the rough. I need to study more about these artists. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Can we see more your things on your other blogs?or here?
    They interest me a lot.

  3. A lot of subtities got lost in the Rat clean up drawing.
    His head shape is so much nicer in the rough version.

  4. it's great to see ruff drawings and clean-ups side by side.
    keep posting, Sandro!!


  6. wow, I love seeing this. Thanks for the post. great stuff.

  7. You are a talented man! This blog world for cartoonists is amazing I am more and more inspired every day to Keep going with my cartooning! If only we had a decent animation industry in Australia.

  8. Chocolate Milt..

    Satisfies the taste buds...

    Don't know if this would be any interest to you:

    What's NEW from
    BAD-EYE-DEERS animations


  9. I don't think I have ever seen a cleanup I have appreciated more than its rough. Not only has the head shape has lost something but the eye doesn't feel as solid it feels squished. I also don't feel the same sense of weight in the legs.

    I'm sure Milt just shrugged it off, didn't cuss at all about it.


    Wasn't it the practice to do the clean ups over the roughs back then, to rub them down and draw over them?

  10. The roughs always are better drawings in my opinion.