Friday, July 8, 2011

Milt Kahl Day

This one is by request from my pal Tom DeRosier, great story artist.  We are both fans of this Milt character from The Aristocats, Madam Bonfamille.
She is drawn more realistic than the other characters in the film and Milt was criticized at the time for handling her that way but I think he did it right.  She is depicted as an aristocratic and elegant lady who was a former singer (perhaps) and she should look and act the way Milt did it.  She would not have worked if she was animated like Medusa for example.
These drawings above are just amazing and full of appeal.  It's very interesting that Milt could animate her without any live action reference.  Also, the control that Milt had in animating such a character was phenomenal.

Esse post foi sugestao de meu amigo Tom DeRosier, um grande artista de storyboard.  Nos dois somos fans desse personagem que Milt criou para o filme Os Aristogatas, a Madame Bonfamille.
 Ela foi desenhada com mais realismo do que os outros personagens do filme e Milt foi criticado na epoca por ter animado ela assim, mas eu acho que ele fez o certo.   A personagem e tida como uma rica e refinada senhora que fora uma cantora no passado e ela e exatamente desenhada e animada como tal.  Ela nao teria funcionado, como personagem, se tivesse sido animado como a Medusa por exemplo.
 Os desenhos acima sao incriveis e muito bonitos.  E interessante saber que Milt a animou sem ajuda alguma de referencia ao vivo.  Tambem, e interessante notar o controle de animacao que Milt tinha para animar uma personagem assim.


  1. Just incredible. I can't get enough of Milt's work. Thanks so much for the post!

  2. another great post Mr Sandro!I owe you a visit,you said you were going to give me some Chico and Rita HD files remenber?perhaps next week??best wishes!

  3. What? Milt animated her without live action reference? That makes me want to give up drawing. haha Thanks for posting all of this great work. keep it up!

  4. Just amazing! I love Milt's days as much as Sandros' :-)

  5. Lovely! Thanks for posting these, Sandro. I'd never seen Kahl's pencil drawings of Madam Bonfamille. As good as they are, though, I think they're too subtle to read well as animation. I think Madam pales compared to her butler and her lawyer; those guys really come alive. I wish Kahl had caricatured her more, like maybe an old version of Anita (Dalmations), instead of attempting such a realistic look.

  6. Superbe étude de personnage...bravo!

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  8. Amazing stuff, nobody could draw like Milt.
    I love the way he played with the semi realistic design, it looks so elgant.
    Thank you so much for posting this.