Thursday, June 9, 2011

Milt kahl Day

These are drawings from actual scenes animated by Milt.
 I love the graphic style in these drawings.  At the time when Milt did these he was very much influenced by artists like Ronald Searle and Picasso.
It's great to notice that in every drawing he tried to keep it in silhouette so it makes the gestures and actions very clear.
It's also great to study the way he used curves against straights.

UPDATE:  If you want to see pure Milt Kahl treasures, go to Andreas Blog as he has posted amazing drawings from his personal collection.

Os desenhos acima sao de cenas animadas pelo Milt.
E muito bom o estilo grafico desses desenhos.  Na epoca em que Milt trabalhava nesses desenhos ele estava muito influenciado por artistas como Ronald Searle e Pablo Picasso.
E legal notar tambem que em cada desenho Milt se preocupva com a silhoeta para fazer com que os gestos e acoes dos personagens fossem claramente entendidas.
Tambem e legal estudar o contraste de curvas com retas que ele utilizava.

UPDATE: Para ver fantasticos desenhos de Milt da colecao particular de Andreas Deja, visite o site dele  agora. 


  1. Thanks as always!!! Your commentary really adds to the wonderful images.

  2. I love the first one with Roger.....before touch up.
    Amazing !!
    Thanks for supporting my blog, Sandro.

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  4. My favorite days are:
    Sandro Cleuzo day,
    Milt kahl day,
    Andreas Deja day and
    Wallt Kelly day

  5. Thank you all or checking in and for the nice comments.
    Hey Andreas, I can not wait to see what you will post on Milt Kahl.
    Also, I knew your blog would be a success, congrats!
    Perica and Toshke, I appreciate being one of your favorites, thanks.
    And thanks to you too Erik Robinson, come back always.

  6. I'd always known, but in a way hadn't known about the importance of defining the silhouette, looking at Milt Kahl's drawings makes it so clear.

    Thank You, as a new animator obsessed with traditional animation these post really help me. I really need to log in more often to catch your post!

  7. Milt forgot to draw the the thumbnail on Merlins left hand. So he was a human being after all...

  8. I always look forward to Milt Kahl day. :)
    Thanks Sandro!