Saturday, May 28, 2011

Milt kahl Day

These are Milt's roughs from Mary Poppins.  Thanks to his assistants at the time who were clever enough to make copies of his animation drawings before they worked over them so we can appreciate his first passes.

I love the way Milt drew and designed horses.  It has influenced artists to these day.  Just look at the horses in Tangled or Road to Eldorado for instance and you will see Milt's influence in them.

Aqui estao alguns rascunhos da animacao de Mary Poppins.  Gracas aos assistentes do Milt,  que foram espertos o suficiente para tirarem copias dos desenhos dele antes de limpa-los, nos podemos apreciar  os primeiros rascunhos de suas animacoes.

Eu gosto muito do jeito que Milt desenhava e criava os designs de cavalos.  A influencia de Milt esta evidente ainda nos dias de hoje.  De so uma olhada nos designs de cavalos de Tangled ou Road to Eldorado e voces verao as influencias de Milt.


  1. Milt Kahl Day is like Christmas...only more technical and with angles!!!...Well, that was stupid but I do love it!

    Thanks for sharing! And you're spot on about the horses. Even Chuck Jones' horse in 'What's Opera Doc' seem to have some Kahl influence...though I don't know how likely that is, had Kahl had one of his signature horses show up in '57? Anyway, thanks for posting!!

  2. Milt drew all of my favorite Disney moments from my childhood!

  3. Check out Ronald Searle's horse in "The Diverting History of John Gilping" and you can see where Milt got his inspiration from :)

  4. Uli,

    Exactly! Milt was very much influenced by Searle's desigs specially in 101 Dalmatians and Mary Poppins.
    I should do a post comparing the 2 artists.