Sunday, May 22, 2011

Axterix and the Vikings Pencil test

Axterix and the Vikings pencil test from sandro lucio on Vimeo.

This is a scene I animated for Axterix and the Vikings, an animated feature produced in Europe.
In this particular scene, in which I animated all characters, the kid is supposed to be a great dancer but not the girl, who is a daughter of a viking and only knows how to fight. She tries to dance but her moves are more like if she was fighting.
The director told me I should look at Justin Timberlake or Michael Jackson for the kid's moves. I chose Michael and looked at his video clips and took a little bit from every one and combined into this scene, also adding a few moves of my own (On paper, of course because I can not dance).

Esta e uma cena que animei para o filme Axterix e os Vikings que foi produzido na Europa.
Nesta cena, em que animei todos os personagens, o garoto supostamente e um grande dancarino mas nao a garota que e filha de um Viking e so sabe lutar. ela tenta acompanhar o garoto e tenta dancar como ele mas os movimentos que ela faz parece que esta a lutar.
O diretor me disse para ver clipes de Justin Timberlake ou Michael Jackson como referencia para a danca do garoto. Eu escolhi Michael Jackson e tirei alguns movimentos de varios clipes dele e os combinei nesta animacao. Tambem adicionei alguns passos meus mesmo (No papel, claro, pois nao sei dancar).


  1. I also love Sandro Cleuzo day

  2. Great!
    I made the shadows in that scene about 100 years ago!
    -Nice to see it again.


  3. Hey sandro,i remember that scene when it came in to Afilm in Copenhagen,terrific stuff!

  4. Verrrrry nice, I hope you would like to work on one of my projects some day!

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