Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Pioneer Series: Those Who Paved The Way from Creative Talent Network on Vimeo.

This is one of the best lectures I have seen recently and one that made me so inspired and fired up to start my project that I can't wait.
I always loved their stories about how they left Disney and became a competitor which made the Disney studio work harder.

Their movie "The Secret of Nimh" is one of my favorite animated films and the one to make me discover who Don, Gary and John were and I became an instant fan. I had no doubt that I needed to work with them and that's what I did. I saved my money for about a year, bought my ticket to Ireland and knocked on their door asking for a job.
Don and Gary were kind enough to give me a chance and my first job in feature animation and for that I will be always grateful.

Thanks to Tina Price and her amazing CTN Expo, you all can watch this and be inspired too.


  1. This reminds me of another awesome interview with Ralph Bakshi, if this inspired you (as it did me) you'll love this too!

  2. Great interview! What a story!!
    I hope they make at least one more movie and show people that 2D isn't dead yet!
    Thanks Sandro for Posting and stoping by my blog.:)

  3. I love the conversation. Thank you for putting this post up. I vividly remember watching Secret of Nimh as a kid and being shocked and amazed by the darkness of it. John Pomeroy has always been one of my favorite animators and has inspired me in many ways. Good on ya Sandro..