Saturday, March 5, 2011

I wished I Could Draw like...

I am constantly trying to improve my drawing skills and I look at many artists for inspiration and to learn from.  One of the best out there for me is Uli Meyer, who I wished I could draw like it.

Uli runs a studio in London and he produces great commercials, shorts, and  animated feature films.
He also can draw just like Ronald Searle which is very impressive.

There is one of my designs that I tried to make better and I look at one of Uli's drawings and try to apply to mine.  In the end it became a little bit like his and I did not mean it to happen (Sorry, Uli but I removed it) but I could not help  trying to get the same results in my drawing.

I urge you to go visit his page at

Below are some samples from his blog.

Yes, I wished I could draw like Uli.


  1. I agree, Uli is amazing and a very nice guy as well. It happens to everyone and we all influence one another. They were nice sketches too.

  2. This is very nice of you, Sandro! And I agree with Jeremy, we all influence each other. I was actually very flattered when I saw your drawing and it reminded me a little of mine, I left a little 'wink' sign behind my comment. You are an exceptional draughtsman and it is always a real pleasure to see your drawings. Please post more!

  3. what s nice space~!
    I envy U~! ha ha~!

  4. Hey Uli,

    Thanks so much, I appreciate it.
    You too, please keep posting your great drawings as I want to learn more.

  5. Wow! he is a great inspiration! thanks for sharing.

  6. I agree with you Sandro about Uli Meyers work.
    He is a great influence. And so are you.You did a great job animating St. Trinians.Love to see that piece turned into a full feature.

  7. Thanks, Tony, I appreciate it.
    Yes, it would be great to do a feature in that style and I hope it happens one day.