Sunday, November 21, 2010

Axterix and the Vikings Pencil Tests

Axterix and the Vikings from sandro lucio on Vimeo.

Axterix and the Vikings 2 from sandro lucio on Vimeo.

Axterix and the Vikings 3 from sandro lucio on Vimeo.

These are 3 of many scenes I did for this Danish/French project. I always loved the Axterix characters and when I was presented with the opportunity to animate them I jumped on it.


  1. Great animation as always, Sandro!
    I love this movie :)

  2. Very nice! I like the contrast of action in the last one.

  3. The hand gestures in the second one are fantastic. It's like the hand is its own character. Great stuff, as always Sandro!

  4. I've seen clips from this film on YouTube and recently stumbled upon it playing one day on a local french TV channel. I'm astounded by how appealing and fun the animation is and I'm glad to find out that you worked on it, Sandro. It bothers me immensely that a nice film like this did not get a general release here in North America, especially since it appears to have been animated specifically to an english dialogue track, as opposed to being dubbed. I'm certain that this Asterix film would help to generate an appetite again for traditional animation, but instead we are only getting a steady diet of CG films. How dull Hollywood has become.

  5. These are wonderful! I really enjoyed this movie, despite the 70's disco music, which seems incredibly out of place.

    It's a shame Asterix isn't as popular over here as it is in Europe. It's a great comic, and definitely very inspiring. I'm surprised Uderzo wasn't an animator before doing the comics, his drawings look pretty animated to begin with.

    I noticed that the voice of Cacafonix is different than in the final film. Was it like that for a majority of the movie, or just for this specific character? And when someone else dubs over animation that's already done, does it compromise the dialogue in any way, or do you/they ever rework the timing of the animation to fit the new voice if it's not spot on?

  6. Fantastic stuff as usual Sandro. Your blog is always a steadfast stop for inspiration. Hopefully you're still doing more traditional animation for us to see here and in theaters.

  7. Thank you all for your comments.

    We actually animated it to an English soundtrack and some of the voice talent were American actors.
    I just do not understand why it has not been released here in the USA and it is a shame for it has great entertaining value and some nice animation in it. I know the Axterix characters are not too famous here and it's too bad , they are wonderful.
    I heard that Uderzo, one of the creators of the characters, said it was the best animation ever done on his characters and it was just how he envisioned them to be done.

    To answer Michael J. Ruocco, yes, every time they add a new voice dub to a already animated scene it very seldom works properly. I remember when they added new dialogue to some already animated scenes on Home on the Range and the animator of the scenes had to do some adjustments to match the dialogue.

    Joshua, yes, IO am still doing traditional and am working on a new hand drawn project for Dreamworks that is being produced at Ken Duncan's studio.
    I chose to stick to traditional because I love the art form.



  8. Great stuff!

    I looked at the movie on YouTube and the whole thing looks good. A shame it didn't get wide release in the US.