Sunday, October 24, 2010

Milt Kahl Day

Here is part 1 of a bunch of sheets that I put together to study this great scene that milt animated for Sleeping Beauty.  It is a great scene with great acting and amazing drawings.  This is the cleanup version but no one would change Milt's drawings anyway so they are still great.

I will post the part 2 of these next time.  Enjoy them.


  1. i was always fond of that scene with the two kings and the flusteredness of the guy who likes to eat.

  2. The gestures are great!!!!

    Thanks for posting!!

  3. ahh imagine a book full of Milt's rough thumbnails and keys

  4. Thank-you so much, AGAIN, for sharing these. It always is such a treat, and means so much when they are nicely put together as they are!

  5. Thanks for sharing, always love to start off my work day with something so inspiring.

    Word is there's a new policy now at the Disney archive where they won't even let animators make photocopies of old scenes. They can only look at them with the help of a gloved archive employee. So thanks for putting these out there.

  6. @ bruce and Matthew Long - I think this is a really good point - why isn't there a book with all this stuff in it!?!?! It would be totally brilliant - providing it was all high quality reproductions. I guess it's not mass market enough though? Apprently Andreas Deja was going to do one years ago but alas still no sign. Plus he has the collection to make it look wonderful!

    I wonder what percentage of Milt's work is still in the Archive? Back in the day, ie the late 70's early 80's, *apparently* Disney didn't really realise what they were sitting on, and any animation artist could go in there and grab what they wanted and not all of it was returned. I've heard tales that Richard Williams was given chunks and chunks of Milt originals, he had them under his desk and would cut them all up(!), to make sheets like these (not suggesting that Sandro has done that - I'm sure they wouldn't allow that these days! ;D ) but once they're cut you can't study the spacing! Doh! Lord knows how much was lost!

    And if that's true that no photocopies are allowed these days it makes these posts even more brilliant - cheers Sandro!

  7. Good point about the trouble in studying the spacing Ed. Luckily for that we do have the final animation to study. Of course there is something lost everytime an original is altered.

  8. Hey all,

    I put this together a while ago and these are copies of copies I borrowed from friends. All original art is at the ARL and they do not leave the building at all, we had to look at the work right there under supervision.


  9. Hey Sandro-

    Maybe you didn't understand my original post, but I wasn't remotely suggesting that you or anyone else *nowadays* can take art from the ARL!

    I've personally heard from other animation artists that back in the past - ie. before Disney realised what an asset the morgue was - a lot of artwork/whole scenes were taken and not returned which is a shame!

    Just thought I'd clear that up! Cheers!