Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Dennis animation

This is a cute little animation that I scanned from the great book "The Merchant of Dennis", an autobiography of Dennis creator Hank Ketcham.
Ketcham worked in animation at Disney in the 40's but left to work on his own stuff and good thing he did it too.
Dennis is one of my favorite published cartoons and I study them constantly.  They have great staging and great designs and is a great reference for storyboard artists.
This little piece of animation is uncredited in the book and I wished I knew who did it.  It is beautiful.


  1. Hey dude, I have this book, it's awesome! Thank you for the job you're doing with all the posting here, by the way. I absolutely look forward every week to Milt Kahl's day... I just can't get enough of studying all the stuff you post of him.
    So keep it up please!



  2. Hi Sandro--I don't know who did the Dennis animation but it looks like it might be from a pilot short done for TV in the early 1970's, directed by Mike Lah, who was Tex Avery's right hand man at MGM.

    I got to meet Mr. Lah when I first came out here and I still vividly recall him playing this pilot for me (it was about 6 or 7 minutes). It had run on TV years before as part of Chuck Jone's CURIOSITY SHOP, an ABC network knockoff of SESAME STREET executive produced by Michael Eisner. Small world I guess!

  3. Hey Will,

    Thanks for the info, that was great. I would love to see this pilot and it's animation. I wished I knew who did this piece of animation anyway.

    Come by for lunch with me and Ken one of these days. Ken would like that.


  4. Oh man I love Hank Ketcham... thanks for posting this stuff Sandro, see ya on monday!

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