Monday, September 20, 2010

Milt Kahl Day

Some more gems from Milt.  The first image is from Aristocats.  I am not sure if this drawing is a design sheet or a drawing that Milt did over  John Lounsbery's  animation.
The second is a design sheet for sure when Milt was designing the rhino guards for Robin Hood.
The last one is his rough animation for the amazing scene from Mary Poppins  where the little fox is being chased by the hunters.


  1. Really great stuff!
    Where are you finding all of these gems? Do you just have an amaizng collection of Kahl's work? Really solid library!

  2. The top one, butler and the lawyer, Masterpiece!

  3. Amazing. I love the rhinos. I'm realising just how many of the animations I love in Disney films were made by Milt. What an artist.

  4. Once again, thank-you for sharing these little treasures! I always had a feeling that Milt had done the Rhino and the rider from Marry Poppins, but was always unaware. Thanks Sandro!

  5. Man oh man alive.What appeal in design and powerful loose drafting.He said he had to work really hard to get what looks like it came so free and easy.This is really great that you do this.Thank you.