Sunday, July 25, 2010


Enchanted pencil test 01 from sandro lucio on Vimeo.

Enchanted pencil test 02 from sandro lucio on Vimeo.

Untitled from sandro lucio on Vimeo.
 Enchanted was one of my favorite projects to animate.  First of all, it was the first time that I worked for the great James Baxter which I am a big fan of and secondly, because I was given great and important scenes with main characters and  long footage.
I admitted I was a little bit scared when I did my first scene and had to show him because I know how how he can look at it and analize the whole thing and see any mistakes  in no time. 

James was very generous and trusted me with some very important scenes and also let me work long distance, here from Brazil.

Besides the scenes above, I animated the scene where the prince appears for the first time and the next one when you realize that he is actually riding the giant Troll.  I also did Giselle falling from the tree and landing in the prince's lap and a couple of others.

Soon after this project James closed down his studio and it was the first and only time that I worked with him and I hope I can do it again.


  1. Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Wow.
    Stunning. Absolutely stunning.
    Thanks for posting this!!

  3. He closed down his studio...? Why, what happened?

  4. Ahhh! I love your pencil tests. They're so amazing. Your draftsmanship is really superb. Thanks for being a continual source of inspiration!

  5. I love these... I love it when you show us your work, thank you so much.

  6. lindo cara, muitooo bom mesmo, gosto muito dos seus trabalhos, as referencias que vc estuda do Milt kahl, são demais também =) ... Cleuzo no momento vc esta trabalhando em qual projeto?


  7. Love all the great reference so much inspiration here always keep it up. the animation clips are so good thanks for sharing!!!

  8. you do a great work!! Thanks for posting this!

  9. Hi Sandro! This is exceptional stuff to see, I was also excited to notice that Pencil Test Depot posted these as well. You seemed to have had some great times.

    On the side note, have you come about maybe posting about your thoughts on topics of animation that I mentioned some time ago in one of your posts? You said that there were a few people already who asked those questions before. It really would be awesome to hear some words of wisdom.