Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Milt Kahl Day

Robin Hood is not the best Disney film in terms of story but it is still entertaining and with lots of great animation.  Of course Milt designed all characters again and did some animation of almost all characters.  I particular like the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Here are some of Milt's rough from one of the best scenes.


  1. Great to see Milt's work. I never get tired of this.

  2. Hi Sandro,
    I think that Robin Hood is a great example of a good animation film with low budget. The sequence where Robin and Little John deceive to the Prince John dressed like gypsies, is really a great piece of comedy, with a brilliant acting. My favorite character is prince Jhon. You know who animated him?
    Sorry about my english.
    I´m from Argentina.

  3. Ignacio,

    Prince John was mostly done by Ollie Johnston who were one of the Nine Old Men, the elite group of animators at the time. Ollie did a great job animating it, beautiful acting. He also did the sidekick snake.

  4. "..every town..has the taxes too..and the taxes is duuue.." the sheriff is a great character. His movements really define his personality. I loved the way they set him up in the movie. Big sloppy motions, but so content with himself and his job.

  5. Great drawings!! Personally, I love Robin Hood and it is one of my favorite Disney films. The character designs are fantastic. Thanks for posting.

  6. The characters in Robin Hood always hit me as the best designed out of all the old Disney films. I love the character designs in Sleeping Beauty, Dalmations, Pinocchio, etc, but Robin Hood takes the cake. They are super appealing and each of the characters is wonderful in their own way. Like Jamaal said, you can see each of those characters simply though the way they walk. It says everything about them... and everything about the animators and story guys who created them.

    Thanks so much for posting!

  7. I love the sheriff! Didn't Milt also do the Chicken Minstrel? Thanks again Inspector!