Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flying Pig

Hey Joe (Moshier), this is for you!


  1. Hello, Sandro Cleuzo!

    I visit your blog from time to time and I have to tell you
    how much I admire your work.

    You are the ONLY (well, there may be some other, but not many:))
    animator influenced by Milt Kahl, but with a PERSONAL appeal and genuine emotion.
    Unfortunatelly, this is so rare in today's animation.

    I was so inspired by your drawings, that I had to take the time off from
    my work and do a couple of them in color.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Tiho,

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I'm glad you like the blog and hopefully, I am able to inspire you guys a little.
    Keep following it, I have a lot more to post.


  3. I really like these shapes that you use
    It's a pig, but a pig very different than the others that i saw

  4. Excellent Sandro! I hope you keep up the Bi- daily drawings with me and jeff. Beautiful work my man!

  5. I love this pig. The drawing is so smooth, and he has so much personality!!

  6. Hi Sandro

    Thanks for the kind words on the other site.

    Are you still helping Ken out ?
    I'm moving my office from one room to another very soon, so
    your drawings will be up on a wall very soon. :-)

    Send me a e-mail when you get a free moment.
    take care s

  7. Sandro!

    You are a constant source of inpiration. I love you drawings! Thanks for sharing this, and about Milts drawings on the last post they are fantastic. Love the great mouth shapes!