Thursday, February 25, 2010

Milt Kahl Day

These are some of Milt's work from the 40's and 50's which was a time when the animators were at the peak of their careers.  Milt specially, could handle the human characters like no other.
Brom Bones from Ichaboad is one of my favorite.  The animation is broad but not over done and displays a high level of draftsmanship.  I really like the scene where the short girl is dancing with Brom Bones.  I don't even know how he could plan a scene like that.  It is so inventive and entertaining that I keep watching over and over again to try to understand how it was done.

The Duke, from Cinderella is also really good, not all the scenes, just Milt's.  The sequence where he is jumping up and down with the King in the bed  was done by Norman Ferguson and I really do not like that one but the ones that Milt did were amazing.

I guess these days, animation like that are considered over animated.  Directors today tend to like a more subtle kind of animation.


  1. Nothing to do with Milt Kahl but was wondering if you know will Disney continue with 2d animation?Did frog put them back on the map?

  2. thank you to keep alive the legend of milt kahl.

  3. Hi there Sandro!

    I´m a bit late on this one, but it´s worth to comment. Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite Disney shorts to, It´s very entertaining and creepy. Amazing for the time it was made. It´s interesting how much stuff the guys on Beauty and the Beast took from this film, many references are noticeable, the sequence when he´s in the dark woods, the creepy guy that look like the madhouse keeper on Beauty and Beast and others. Brom Bones is wonderfully animated, and I guess it was a big influence on developing Gaston. Amazing characters and a briliant sence of entertaining in this short. The secene you mention is indeed briliant and worth seeing many times! Cheers!

  4. Brom Bones is one of my favorites, also. His motion is broad, pleasing, and sophisticated. Milt makes that whole sequence of him walking on that barrel look effortless.

    Yeah, it does seem like stuff like this is considered over-animated nowadays, but I will never understand why. If it's animated, let's see it move-- and if it's drawn, emphasize that we're seeing drawings.

    You blog is fantastic, by the way!