Friday, February 5, 2010

Milt Kahl Day

I love the animation in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  It was the highlight of the movie for me.  Besides designing all the characters Milt animated the Lion, the bear and the secretary bird.   The lion looks a bit like Shere Kahn but that is because the way Milt drew, his style.  After all, he was the final designer for most of the Disney characters for the features.

The director of animation for the animated sequences was Ward Kimball and according to a memo to the animators that Ward wrote, he respected Milt's position as the key guy to go to get drawings checked.  In the memo, he says that all animators should show their scenes to Mr. Kahl so he could approve or correct any drawings that he felt necessary to do so.

Great scenes to study are the one where the bear is fishing the bed out of the lagoon with the live action actors, the secretary bird telling the bear to throw the people back into the lagoon and the scene above with the lion.  Beautiful animation, acting and drawings.


  1. Wow! Could not agree more with everything said! The model sheet of the secretary bird is always within sight while at my work table.

  2. Sandro!!!

    Thanks for posting that! The Bear and Lion are some of my favorite chracters. The fishing sequence always impressed o lot! "No peopling Allowed" ... Fantastic ... Tha acting bit you mentioned is amazing ... See ya!

  3. Like Shere Kahn, you can see Milts face in the
    lion.It happens.

  4. Love this stuff. I have had some of these scenes in my hands to study--the bear is particularly great. I wish the vocals were better, but it shows how much Milt could do with very little (all three were voiced by the same actor, a good onscreen comic but one of my least favorite voice guys). I guess you have to give Ward Kimball credit for looking for someone other than one of the usual suspects to do the voices. He was good at that. I know he was very happy with the voice of the "Narrator Bird" in IT'S TOUGH TO BE A BIRD. Milt animated some key scenes in that, but i don't remember if he got credit on the film. I get the impression he didn't give a hoot about that kind of thing...

    Thanks Sandro!

  5. The Milt Kahl Day has been a great idea!
    Thank you, Sandro!

  6. Thank you for all the awesome Milt stuff!

    Someone might have asked this before (I havent checked further back), but where do you get all this stuff from? Do you have some secret "Milt Kahl"-stash hidden in a safe somewhere?

    Thanks again :D Keep it up!

  7. Leif Einar, In fact I have a ton of material that I use for reference that I copied through the years. Many of what I post are copies from friends and many of mine fellow animators have these copies but I might be the only one posting them.
    The reason I post them and talk about them is because I just do not want these artists, specially Milt, be forgot. He was very important for the development of personality animation and Disney.
    Thanks for checking in.