Sunday, February 21, 2010


 You all know I love Milt Kahl's work a lot and even have the weekly Milt Kahl day but I also admire a lot of other artists, not only from animation but fine artists, directors, art directors, musicians, etc.  I just choose to focus on the animation field for this blog.  

This is the work of another great Disney artist that I love to study, John Lounsbery .  He animated some of my favorite scenes in Lady and the Tramp, like the Italian cooks and the bulldog, that I absolute think is one of the best in the movie.
Here is an original of the Italian cook that I acquired a few years ago.  I think this drawing is flawless and so beautiful and it shows the strength of this great artist.

Lounsbery also animated great scenes like the ones with king Hubert in Sleeping Beauty.  Bellow are a few more of his original drawings of Hubert that I purchased years ago 


  1. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing :D

  2. So, THAT'S who did them. Those had to have been my favorite characters to see animated; especially that crazy bulldog.

  3. Thanks so much! I love John Lounsbery's work!

  4. It's great to see study from an animators perspective, really inspiring.

  5. I love the look and feel of Lounsberrys work.Ive read things where Milt Kahl had a problem with Lounsberry.Do you know anything about that?

  6. Who are some of your cartoon influences other than Disney? I think I see some Warner Bros influence. And maybe some Ed Benedict HB characters? Others?

  7. Tony Distefano, Lounsbery was a great animator and could draw really well. He is in fact considered by many the 3rd best draftsman at Disney just after Marc Davis. Yje only problem was that he was a very quiet and unassuming guy and he underrated himself making him an underrated animator by the other 9 Old Men. Milt Kahl ignored him, maybe for a litle bit of jealous and insulted or embarrassed him in public.

    James D, I have in fact studied many and still do. Any time I see a great design or discover a great designer I tend to study it. I am influenced by many, like Tom Oreb, Martin Provensen, Hewlet Pratt, Chuck Jones, Aurelius Battaglia, Iwao Takamoto, UPA artists, European artists, Japanese, my friend Joe Moshier, Nico Marlet, Negreiros (Brazilian illustrator that I love) and many others. I also find great designs in ads in old magazines that I find interesting.

  8. Adoro seu blog!
    Foi tão bom trabalhar com vc e o Robert!

    Beijão, Sandro! =*


  9. John Lounsbery was the only other "Old Man" that could follow Milt Kahl styling and draftsmanship in the films.
    Kahl hated him for it.
    Wonderful to see John Lounsbery's work praised and shown off here since he would not have done it himself.
    Thanks for sharing on your great blog.


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  11. That´s an interesting story about Milt Kahl and John Lounsbery.

    Yes, sometimes it seems there were only 7 Old Men, actually. Since John Lounsbery and Les Clark aren´t that much mentioned.

  12. Wow!! He is really one of the greatests!!!!