Friday, September 4, 2009

Milt Kahl Day

Another Medusa, but this thime it's a drawing that Milt did for some lucky fellow named Dave.
This is a copy I got from someone and I think the original belongs to Andreas Deja.


  1. It's already a blessing someone has a Milt drawing. But with an autograph, yeah.. he's REALLY lucky!
    All the best Sandro and keep feeding us!

  2. WOw, it has mistakes, so Milt was human after all :]

  3. No words can express how much i love Kahl's drawings. Every artist should at list have one of his originals.

  4. Sandro, how did you get these Milt originals? Or are some of them copies from Andreas?

  5. A Milt original drawing....Impressive!

  6. Is the "Dave" referenced in the drawing Disney artist Dave Michener?

    By the way, Henk, I don't see the "mistakes" you mentioned. What are the mistakes? Looks like a nice rough drawing confidently drawn in ink to me. (or maybe it's not ink, but the rough pencil lines just look extra dark from xeroxing?)