Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brother Bear

When I moved to Disney's Orlando studios I was supposed to help out with the animation of the main bear. I had only to finish my last scenes in Home on the Range and then start on that but, like all the productions at that time, Home on the Range had more story changes and I ended up staying on it longer than I anticipated and the two projects finished animation at the same time, leaving me without having a chance to work on that beautiful film.
Here are a couple of rough studies I did to practice drawing the bear.


  1. I only just realized in the last couple of weeks what a fantastic film it is. plus the animation is sweet.Its amzing how cartoony some scene can be while in others its very realistic but it all works or at least it does for me.

  2. I watched every 2D Disney film at one point, and Brother Bear was one of those pleasant surprises that seemed to come out of nowhere. I felt it could have done without any songs at all, but overall I thought it was a lot of fun. ALSO I love the way you've drawn these bears.

  3. That's a shame. Would have been nice indeed to work on that film. What you did looks great though my friend!!