Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you all !

I just want to thank you all who visited me here at my Blog so far and left all these wonderful comments. I really appreciate it!
I am honored that Floyd Norman took the time to leave a comment. Thanks, Floyd!
Did you guys know that Floyd worked in story on Disney's Jungle Book and also worked as an assistant animator for Milt Kahl? He also did storyboards for Toy Story at Pixar. Oh yeah, he is also an official Disney Legend.
Keep checking!


  1. Ola Sandro!!!
    Que bom poder ver o seu trabalho aqui pelo blog, sou iniciante em animaçao, aprendi muito de desenho com Cleiton Cafeu e Carlinhos e log depois ja trabakhando com animaçao em 3d na start ouvi muito falar de seu trabalho atraves deles e de Helio takahashi !!

    Muito inspirador !!!
    Lindo mesmo, Nem preciso dar parabens hahahahahaha!

    Um Grande abraço,

  2. You have wonderful stile and a dinamic line in your work! I love that! If you don't mind yo have a link in my blog!
    See you!

  3. Your style is magnificent! Design of characters very charming! You very much the gifted artist! I am glad to visit yours gallery! My respect!

  4. Awesome work, this blog goes straight into my favorites pile :)

  5. Parabens pelo seu blog Sandro. Voce une tudo o que adoro na vida: Disney, grande talento na animacao e o Brasil (morrei en SP 2 anos y minha esposa e Brasileinha). Acho que vou estar visitando este blog o tempo tudo.

  6. Floyd is awesome! When I visited Disney in January he showed us around the studio and it was one of the highlights of our week. He's humble about being a Disney Legend but in my book, there's no one else who deserves it more. No doubt, Walt would be proud of his accomplishments and efforts to preserve the studio history.
    Thanks for sharing your excellent work! I look forward to seeing more inspiring and amazing work!

  7. Sandro,

    I would love to see some of the designs from Kingdom of the Sun. I would love to see some of the characters that were changed or replaced.

    Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful art that we never get to see. I hope you continue to inspire us with your blog


  8. That's amazing!! I can't wait to see more artwork. Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous day! :)

  9. Where you around for "Fraidy Cat" or "American Dog", besides "My Peoples" - those are the two canned Disney projects that interest me most.

    And perhaps "Wild Life", but I promise, that's it.

    Loved seeing your work for "My Peoples" and "Sweating Bullets."

    And you worked on the sprite in Fantasia/2000? She's one of the most beautiful Disney characters!

  10. Wow! Such a honor indeed! Congratulations, Sandro!

  11. There's great material on your blog, thanks for sharing!

  12. Wow...congratulations for all your works. You have a fantastic style. Greetings from Brazil. Cheers

  13. Thanks for this Blog. Love the inside stories and of course the art is amazing. Really appreciate it.

  14. You have inspired me for years! I have just finally got the gumps to say how great I think your work is! Having just recently started my own animation production company I look toward the great masters like yourself for inspiration and guidence I see in your work! I thank you for all the inspiration you have shown! Anytime you would like to see the Studios work I would love to show ya!

  15. its a fantastic blog, i especially love the huge size of the images! the ability to get really close allows for some great mental deconstruction of each line; a unique insight into the process.

    so thank YOU! and keep it up, please!