Sunday, August 23, 2009


These are some panels for a storyboard of a show that never happened. I just had fun doing it and added some color for presentation.
I enjoy doing storyboards too and will post some more later on.


  1. awesome stuff. I'm constantly puzzled, how to drawe these typically eyes. They are wonderful.

  2. Hi Sandro,

    We're a new character animation portal. We love your stuff and we would be honoured if you joined us to show/share/promote your work.

    Animators are our main audience and I'm sure many would like to learn from and be inspired by your work.

    See for yourself:

    All the best
    The onehugeeye team

  3. Brilliant work, please keep em comin'

  4. hi sandro,

    i love your blog. i hope you will come back here to work on winnie the pooh.

    talk to you soon,


  5. I am glad I came across your blog, great stuff every post. These boards are especially nice to look at, well done.

  6. Hey Sandro!
    Wonderful drawings and great work on the sprite!! Probably our favourite seq from Fantasia 2000! I am an animator/director from India , started at 15 too!! This is my studio, ..pls visit when you can! cheers & respect,
    Chetan Sharma

  7. Hi Sandro, glad you got back ok. Tomorrow I have to go back to Fox to change something, I don't think this job will ever end. Terrific stuff. =)

  8. Hi Sandro,
    great work, congratulations!
    Could you please recommend to me a school for studying animation in Brazil. I am from colombia but currently live in New York. my website: and ; thank you so much.

  9. Hi man, how are you?
    First of all I'd like to say i loved your stuff!
    The characters designers are great! Mainly the girl from The Emperor's new Groove!
    I hope the The Princess and the Frog brings to us what we have missing about 2D animation I really wish it will be a big sucess.

    Sorry for my english errors, I am from Brazil.

  10. I love these boards! Great appeal and clarity!