Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Proud Family Project

A few years ago I was contacted by The Proud Family creator, animator Bruce Smith, to do a 3 minutes piece for an alternate end of The Proud Family Movie.
I thought it was a good project to start my new studio and I gathered a small team to work on it.  I did the layouts and poses myself and most of the character and FX animation and some rough scene planing and my crew did the cleanup and some animation.  My friend Carlos Luzzi did great scenes on it too. I also had a fantastic 3D guy, named Itamar Ferreira, to do the little van that the family drives.  That guy really saved my life on that project.
Ink and paint and compositing was done at Squeeze Animation in Canada.
It was a great experience to put together the piece but very frustrating at the end when I had to get paid for the job.  It took me more than 5 months to get paid for it. I had most of the guys who worked for me on it calling me asking for their money and getting upset but I did not have it.  You should see the e-mails I got from them.  It is a situation that I do not want even for my worst enemy.  Next time, I will want some money up front.
You can check the piece on the The Proud Family Movie DVD in the bonus section.
Here are some of the rough layouts and poses for the animators that I did.


  1. I wasn't crazy about the movie, but I did love the style of the show's look and what you did above. Thanks for letting us know the DVD had extras we missed on TV.

  2. Hi There! That was a great project to work on. I´ve learned a lot with you, Sandro! I guess this small section is the best stuff done for the Proud Family. Looking forward for future projects! your blog is great! I love the characters on the previous post. See ya!

  3. wow amazing looking work.. awesome drawings!

  4. Great drawings, both you and Bruce are top notch.