Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photos at Disney

Here I am at my desk at Disney during the production of Fantasia 2000. It was my very first feature at Disney and I was hired to animate the Sprite. It was a very challenging assignment because there was no definite model sheet of her as she changed shape and form throughout the segment. I mostly animated her running away from the Firebird.
I will post some rough animation drawings I did of her soon.


  1. In these photos I see the animator I hope to be one day.


  2. Intense Concentration, hard work, and passion is what I see in these photos. The awesome Inspector at work.
    Great designs and inspiration on this blog, Sandro!
    Looking forward to more great Cleuzo!

  3. I went on a school trip to see fantasia 2000 when came out, it was the first thing i saw on I-max, i didn't really know what Animation was at that stage or couldn't even have consider it a career , But the fire suit left an incredible mark on me.I really wish i had my first viewing of that film over again just so i could appreciate it to the level it deserves. It was just so epic for such and short story.

    Thanks for making this film what it was, along with every one else who work on it.

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  5. To echo what john above said, me too.

  6. Nice photos, Sandro! I know you should be very excited working on your first Disney picture!

  7. Hello Sir, I am very much inspired by your work. I am also a fan of Disney animation. Every frame is a magic to me. Can you please help me improving my drawings and be like You?