Thursday, August 13, 2009

My People's

In 2003 I was going to be a Supervising Animator for the new Disney's Florida studio production entitled My People's. It was to be directed by Barry Cook who co-directed Mulan.
The story had great potential and the characters were great too. We had a fantastic team of artists like Andreas Deja, Byron Howard (Co-director of Bolt and the upcoming Rapunzel), Alex Kupershmidt, Rune Bennike, Joe Moshier, Ric Sluiter, Hans Bacher and all those great animators, cleanup artists, Background painters, etc from the Florida studio.
It was going to be a combination of traditional and 3D animation and most of us were ready and eager to start and production was green lit. By then the title had been changed to A Few Good Ghosts. We had all characters designed, rigs built and art direction set and production was going full steam ahead until.... Well, you guys all know what happened. Disney decided to shelve the project and closed down the studio for good and that was it.

Here is the final design approved by Barry Cook of the traditional characters of Edna Lee and Ancle Ned that I was going to supervise the animation of. when I took over I already had designs by Rune and Joe Moshier and what I just did was to combine what I liked from both of them and did my final model.
I did animate 3 production scenes of Edna Lee before they pulled the plug and had one of Uncle Ned roughed out and approved for tie down.

You can see more art work from My People's in the Charles Solomon's book Disney Lost and Found.

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  1. The second i picked up the Charles Soloman Book, ive been wishing this film had made it to theatres. Every bit of art i see looks incredible. the enviroments especially are some of the most beautiful pieces of art to ever come out of Disney.

    And the characters look just as great. I wish I could see these in motion. Guess i'll just have to imagine!