Monday, August 10, 2009

The mariachis that never were

Disney's Home on the Range went through a lot of story changes. In fact, when I was first approached to work on it the directors were Mike Gabriel and Mike Giaimo and it was called Sweating Bullets. I was asked to animate the trio of mariachis who were, at the time, three cicadas. After a while, they decided that they should be crickets and in the end, when the project changed directors, they became butterflies.
I designed them in the style of the 50's, like Ward Kimbal's Plunk, Whistle, Plunk and Boom and I did an animation test. They were going to narrate the film and being mariachis, they had some songs.
The first sequence was approved and it went into production but after a couple of weeks, Will Finn and John Sanford, the new directors, called me in and told me that they had to be cut because of more story changes.
Well, whatever is better for the film. You can see a little bit of them in the bonus section of the Home on the Range DVD.
Here are some of the final designs.
Remember, these are Disney's copyrighted characters.


  1. Yeah Dude! More, More!! Inspiring as always my friend--

  2. Those are really cool, very funny.

  3. Beautifull! I hope to get another chance to sneak peak at some of your gorgeous animations of this guys! See you around!

  4. Sweet! Nice to finally see some Sandro Cleuzo drawings again!

  5. Nice work, Sandro. I did early development on the Mariachis back when the "Two Mikes" were still directing.

    As you know, the film went through many changes. I left the project and returned to Pixar.