Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joe Moshier

This is my friend Joe Moshier and me at a Disney party.
Joe is one of the best character designers today and he was responsible for the style of the characters in The Emperor's New Groove, Home on the Range, Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons.  He also has done amazing designs for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Bolt and some projects that were cancelled like My Peoples and Joe Jump.
He is a machine and can turn out tons of drawings every day and they are all great.
I was very fortunate to have worked with him because I learned so much about all aspects of good design.
Joe is now at Dreamworks and they are very lucky to have him.


  1. hi!
    it is so great to know the faces those people who have done a great work in the animation history.
    I appreciate a lot this post.

    Cara, so agora que eu vi que você 'e brasileiro! hehe
    Adorei saber que tu tem essa carreira de sucesso l'a fora!
    eu queria muito ser animador da disney, minha vida toda, mas nao deu certo pra mim, mas continuo fazendo meus rabicos e criando meus personagens, mesmo que seja pra mim.


  2. Joe Moshier is my character design hero! He is my biggest (living) influence as an artist. I can totally see how your styles would blend well when working together.

  3. please reply asap, i deen it for an art project. thank you.