Sunday, August 23, 2009

At Don Bluth's studios in Ireland

This is me at the age 21 working on a scene for Thumbelina. I had been in Ireland for about two years. Don Bluth really believed in me since the first day I arrived at his studio asking for a job. I saved money for a year in Brazil and bought a ticket to Ireland to try to get a job with Bluth and a friend of mine, Edison Goncalves, went with me. We got there without them knowing and knocked on the door asking to meet Don and show him our portfolios. We could not speak English at the time and it was very tough to communicate with them but our work spoke for us.

Don was intrigued by these 2 kids who came all the way from Brazil to work with him and, after taking a look at our work, called us in and gave us a job on the spot. He looked at my portfolio and said I would be an animator and my friend an assistant. I was amazed because I was almost sure, if hired, it would be to start as an assistant or cleanup artist.
They put us in a nice Bed and Breakfast for a week and gave us a tour through Dublin in a limousine with a chauffeur and also put us to live in a great house for 6 months. It was amazing!
Like I said before, Don really believed in me and for my very first scene he gave me a closeup of a character crying.

The studio (Above) was beautiful and we had great offices on the fifth floor. I really miss that place.

My 4 years in Ireland were some of the best in my life and I thank Don Bluth and Gary Goldman for giving me a chance and my first job in Feature Animation.


  1. Aw, I miss that old place. It's still there. They haven't pulled it down ....yet.
    Fantastic Blog Sandro.
    Keep posting. Your drawings were always first class.

  2. Yeah dublin. It still rains all the time.

  3. What a history!!!
    And nice your picture as a kid! So young and such a responsibility, and high position too!
    My compliments!

  4. WOW! I love hearing about such history! I'm so glad to have found this blog.

    Also, can't help but notice the Sleeping Beauty character sheet behind you in that first photo. Inspiration? :-)

  5. Awesome picture,! You havent changed a bit Sandro hahaha!!

  6. Wow that's so cool... I want to be working on stuff like that when I'm 21

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